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We've got the most frequently asked questions down below. If you don't see the answer feel free to send us a tweet or send us a quick email and we will get back to you pretty dang fast.

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Yes! All our faces and future faces will support both the original Pebble and Pebble Time.
Both! There is no app to install. We wanted to make it super easy for users to customize and use their faces. You download the watch-faces from the Pebble Appstore and then use the settings button to configure/customize the faces.
Yes we do! We know some use Celsius and some use Fahrenheit, so we wanted to make sure you can customize it to your liking.


Well it depends watchface to watchface. But...with every watchface you can customize the colors. Change the hour color, change the minute color, minute hand, hour hand, and even the background. it just depends on the watchface. Makes for matching your daily outfit a breeze! Some of the watchfaces have other customizing such as the change the order of the date, view the weather, bluetooth disconnect inverts the colors, and some have the ability to hide parts of the clock (hiding minute ticks, hiding hour ticks, etc.).
Right now we are focusing on our own designs. However, we love ideas and suggestions. Feel free to send us a tweet and we will check it out.
Check out latest video of how to customize your watchfaces with Kiezel Watchfaces.


$5.99 for every watchface forever. Or you can pay for a single watchface at $0.99. Check it out here.
Thanks for your backing. We will be emailing you with simple instructions to get you all setup. If you don't receive your email check your spam. If not there, send us a quick email with your name and the email you used when backing the Kickstarter. We will get your access code as fast as we can.


Here is a detailed video showing you how to get all setup.


You better believe it! We are continually adding awesome faces almost weekly.
Yes we will! We have built a system that makes it possible to fix bugs instantly and fast. We are also excited to take advantage of adding animations to some of our faces. Follow us on twitter to get the latest updates and news.